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Why Sevni?


Sevni Technology's consulting arm provides a unique blend of business and technical insight into future technology directions and breakthroughs. We bring over 40 years of experience in technology startups along with a keen eye to perceiving what will come next over the horizon. This enables you to focus on where to put your resources for the best growth. Additionally, we match great ideas and teams to successful venture partners to get the right idea off the ground. Skills are continually honed by providing due diligence for the private venture capital community and DARPA.

Companies and services that we started or helped start (from inception through growing enterprise):
  • Aspect Development (now part of I2 Technologies)
  • C.A.D.onomist Engineering Services (support to Hughes Aircraft, GE Aerospace, and Lockheed Martin)
  • eda.org and VHDL Users' Group (now part of Accellera
  • ENDOT Inc. (became Synopsys Simulation Business Unit, first commercial VHDL system)
  • Intransa Inc. Mass Storage System based on Ethernet fabric
  • Omniview Inc. Automated Board Synthesis CAD system (simultaneous with Aspect Development)

Technologies developed as lead:

  • Clockless Logic (Async) Program (DARPA)
  • Scalable IP SAN/NAS Architecture (Intransa)
  • Acclaimed Nimble "C" Compiler (Synopsys / DARPA)
  • Mixed Technology Integration Program (DARPA MTO)
  • Millimeter and Microwave Design Environment (DARPA MTO)
  • Multi-DSP System Architecture and Development Environment (DARPA MTO)
  • Bare-Die Information Exchange Model and Standard (Synopsys/EIA)
  • VHDL and Multi-Processor Development Environment including software/hardware co-emulation with graphical environment (Endot/Synopsys)
  • Integrated Supply Chain and Design Engineer selection system for electronic components (Aspect Development)
  • MPP I/O Board Verification (NCR/Teradata)
  • Hierarchical JTAG scan IC (NCR/Teradata)
  • Behavioral Language (HDL) transformation (GE Aerospace)
  • Device Independent 3D graphics system for map display (NSA)
  • Macromolecular modeling and analysis (Molecular Design)
  • Lasar Measurement system for Sports Equipment Analysis (Brunswick)

Other Services or Related Activities:

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